International Medical Corps Builds Facebook App to Help It Win Funding

The International Medical Corps, a global non-profit providing health care training and development programs, is currently competing for votes to win $200,000 in the American Express-TakePart Members Project online campaign, and it has streamlined its social media fundraising efforts into one Facebook application to do so.

The app is a one-stop shop for the Corps’ Facebook efforts to secure the money, and it was created by PopRule. Currently it is still getting off the ground, as it has about 2,051 monthly active users, according to our AppData service.

While the app doesn’t do anything particularly fantastic, it does bring all of the elements of a fundraising campaign into one attractive and easy-to-use interface.

On the Save Lives tab of the Corps’ Facebook Page is the application, which includes: A clock counting down the time left to vote; a news feed of the Corps’ efforts; a promotional video; the Top 10 list of voters; an Invite tab to invite Facebook friends to use the app, but also provide friends’ emails; add a profile tab of the app; Facebook and Twitter share buttons; more information about Corps team members and a Twitter feed.

We’ve been covering how organizations have been using Facebook to raise money charity work, as many did earlier this year for Haiti and Chileanearthquake relief — and how to donate it, as Chase did with its Chase Community Giving app.

Again, this isn’t the first time organizations have used Facebook for fundraising, but amount of information on one tab/app makes it very easy to use. Usually one must toggle between the Twitter tab, the Video tab and the Share tab to get the information that’s provided all in one place with the International Medical Corps app.