Instructables Launches iPhone App

Instructables, a website dedicated to sharing DIY projects, has introduced an iPhone app.

The app includes more than 100,000 tutorials and how-tos with everything from how to charge a 12-volt battery using solar power to how to bake a sourdough pizza crust. The goal of the app is to make it easier for DIYers to share images of their projects more easily using their phones.

Wired has more:

‘A lot of people don’t have a true camera in their pocket,’ says Instructables founder and CEO Eric Wilhelm. ‘They’ve got their phone. And so we just wanted to be right there.’ Wilhelm has plenty of first-hand experience, with 142 projects to his name. He was frustrated by the workflow, having to upload each picture to the website through his computer’s web browser after the project was complete, rather than as he snapped the photos.