Instead of an iPod, Go For Something the Size of a Train

We rarely post about specific ad campaigns, unless we’re ranting about them, but this one was too inventive not to pass up. It’s a thing BBDO has put together in Canada, in subways in Toronto and Vancouver, where their Pepsi posters will have a headphone jack right there in the middle. You take your headphones out of your little mp3 player, pop ’em in the poster, and get a couple of songs Pepsi has likely shelled out mucho money for in order to retain their sole rights. It’s a really interesting, creative idea, and we love everything about it. Bravo for creative user-interaction-design. But on the cynical side, one has to wonder if this is the kind of thing that only appears really great on paper. Can you imagine being that one weirdo, early in the morning, who stands up, throws caution to the wind and decides to stand their, plugged into the wall. Most people, we think, might be a little too self-concious to keep this from being a big hit. Only time will tell.