Instapaper’s iOS App Gets Major Overhaul

Instapaper, the tool that allows us to save those super-long magazine stories for later, pushed out a major update to its popular iOS app on Monday.

The tool allows you to click a bookmarklet in your browser when you see a story you like, then pushes a cleaned up, iOS-optimized version of those stories to its $4.99 app. After the article is downloaded to the app, an Internet connection is no longer required, making the app a must-have for frequent flyers.

The new features include some interface tweaks. On the iPad, the new app shows the articles you’ve saved in an attractive new grid format. The interface for the iPhone app is redesigned as well. There’s now a $1/month server-side search function called “Search Subscription” that allows you to search the full context of every article. There’s also a multi-select function, that allows you to archive and delete articles in bulk.

The app furthers its integration with social media with a new “Friends” section, which allows you to browse recent links that your friends have posted to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. The app now integrates with Wikipedia for those words that you’re curious about.

Instapaper streamlines my media consumption on my iPad and iPhone. Instead of going into each publication’s individual app to read content, I simply choose what I want to read when I’m at my computer, and it’s waiting for me on the sleek Instapaper app. I find it one of the best ways to consumer print content on my iPad. And with these updates, that experience just got even better.