Instagram Is Letting People Know When Their Friends Are Available to Chat on Direct

Green dots will appear next to profile pictures of active users

Who's around for a chat? Instagram
Headshot of David Cohen

The corporate synergy between Facebook Messenger and Instagram keeps coming, as the latter introduced a feature that has been available on the former for quite some time.

Instagram announced in a blog post that users can now see when their friends are available to chat via Instagram Direct.

Green dots will appear next to the profile pictures of friends who are currently active on Instagram in “various spaces within the application,” including the Direct inbox and users’ friend lists.

Instagram said users will only see the active status of people they have communicated with via Direct in the past, adding that this feature can be turned off in settings, both for people who want to hide their active statuses and people who do not wish to see their friends’ active statuses. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.