Instagram for iPhone Factoids: Photos, Notifications, Downloads & More

So how many people could possibly be interested in an iPhone app that has some nice photo filters and lets you easily share photos with other iPhone users? A lot according to this item in TechCrunch.

At 5 Million Users, It’s Hard Not To View Instagram Through A Rose-Colored Filter

Here’s a couple of other interesting Instagram factoids thrown around.

– It is nearing 100 million uploaded photos (and you thought you had a lot of photos!)
– Roughly 860,000 photos are added each day
– It sends out more than 10 million push notifications every day
– 2,500 unique apps using their API (Application Programming Interface)
– Webstagram (web viewer) and Flipboard users access Instagram’s API the most
– Instagram has four employees

Instagram is a free app found in the iTunes App Store: