Instagram announces 90M monthly active users, other usage milestones

Instagram today announced that the photo sharing service has 90 million monthly active users and sees 40 million photos uploaded per day.

Instagram had reported 80 million registered users five months ago, and in November, a job listing mentioned that the service had more than 100 million registered users, but the company had never reported monthly active users figures. This latest announcement refutes speculation that Instagram might have lost users after a proposed policy change.

Last month the New York Post reported that Instagram had lost about a quarter of its daily active users, citing data that was not representative of the service’s entire user base and blaming the terms of service controversy. Instagram did not reveal its true DAU count, and Facebook has cut off public access to the data used by the Post.

Instagram did share that its platform experiences 8,500 Likes per second and 1,000 comments per second. That’s up from 575 Likes and 81 comments per second announced in April 2012 when the service had 30 million registered users and 5 million photos per day.

Instagram’s new privacy policy and terms of service go into effect on Saturday. The company faced criticism for its initial proposed policy, so it decided to reinstate its original section on advertising and made a few other tweaks to clarify that it does not plan to sell user photos. In general, the new policy better reflects Instagram’s status as a Facebook affiliate and allows data to be shared between the two entities.

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