Inside The New Bloomberg Government Offices

We hit up the DC chapter meeting of the Online News Association last night. It was held in the new office where Bloomberg Government is setting up.

Bloomberg paid for (nice) food and drinks for all ONA attendees. (Thanks, Bloomberg!)

We also poked around their office a little bit. Couldn’t resist.

(Excuse the picture quality…of course it was taken on a cell phone, and not a good one to boot.)

This is what you see when you get off the elevator at the 8th floor.

Editor Mike Riley told us that the 8th floor of this building is totally reserved for Bloomberg Government employees. More Bloomberg employees inhabit other floors (with the company using about 25,000 square feet in total if this Washington Biz Journal article is still accurate). And, Riley said, that’s all editorial. Business staffers occupy a totally separate building nearby.

Right now BGov’s staff is about 100, but they’re still hiring. (Riley and online editor Ken Sands were both mobbed after making that announcement.)

Oh, and unsurprisingly, despite the swanky exterior, the inside of the newsroom…looks a lot like any newsroom. Which is fine by us.

Yep, that’s more like it. Enlarge the picture to see somebody’s leftover lunch and a teddy bear. Hey, it wouldn’t be a newsroom otherwise.