Inside Social Apps profile: GREE’s Sho Masuda

Editor’s Note: Sho Masuda is vice president of marketing at mobile-social gaming giant GREE. Here’s look into what will be talked about at the “Platform Opportunities for Social Apps” session at Inside Network’s Inside Social Apps conference June 6 to 7.

Inside Mobile Apps: iOS and Android have remained the two top mobile platforms. Is there no more room or opportunity for another competitor to reach a similar market share? Is Windows Phone and Blackberry’s days numbered?

Sho Masuda: iOS and Android have absolutely dominated the market and have done a fabulous job of building an ecosystem of mobile content. Specific to gaming, smartphones and tablets are now the primary devices for gaming-on-the-go,  Where before players couldn’t see past the traditional console first parties for gaming outside of the living room, we are now seeing mobile studios generating millions in revenue daily.

I do believe the market is cyclical and the audience is always looking for the next best thing so there is definitely room for another competitor to swoop in with something completely unexpected. That said, Apple and Android have been leading the market and will likely continue to lead and innovate how people use their devices. I don’t see them losing that market share anytime soon.

As for Windows Phone, Blackberry, or what may be coming — there is potential for them all. This industry is so young and just at the start of what it can do. To put it numerically — there are one billion smartphone users out there and six billion mobile subscribers worldwide — we have just scratched the surface and there is so much more to come.

IMA: Where do you think the relationship between Samsung and Google is heading?

Google and Samsung have had an exceptionally strong relationship to date and it is clear that Samsung has built some of the best Android-operated hardware on the market. One thing we are missing when it comes with Android is the one tablet that owns the Android market — the one that can truly go head-to-head with the iPad. That is definitely something we — as gaming developers — are looking forward to.