Insert Sticky Situation Pun: Is Paste Done?

We received a tip earlier this afternoon about the possible (probable) shuttering of Paste. Last night, the magazine’s associate editor, Rachael Maddux, Tweeted about being “suddenly in the market for a job.”

Our tipster noted that a colleague “had heard” the magazine had indeed folded. There’s been nothing but cricket chirps (and, well, an Emmy-related blog) emanating from editor and chief Josh Jackson’s normally busy Twitter account, as well as that of publisher Nick Purd.

Gawker notes that other former Paste staffers have taken to Twitter in search of new jobs.

Just this past April, Jackson spoke with mediabistro about the ongoing struggles faced by the Atlanta-based magazine:

The money has always been really tight for us. We’re an independent magazine, so when the downturn hit there was no money in the bank, and we were struggling. The last couple of years there were many months where we were wondering, ‘How are we going to get this issue out? How are we going to make payroll?’ Last year it got to the point where we didn’t have an answer to the question, ‘How will we ever get this issue out?’ And we were pretty close to, like a lot of magazines, just throwing in the towel.

We reached out to Maddux via email with no response as of yet, but we’ll update should we hear anything from her or other staffers.