Insert “Elitist New York Times” Joke Here

Looks like The New York Times’ Sheryl Stolberg may have gotten some flack for yesterday’s pool report, which read:

    Fancy gated neighborhood called The Sanctuary, with big stucco houses. Jordan Zimmerman, founder and chairman of Zimmerman advertising, was the host. Your pool was holed up at the next door neighbor’s house, where there was a verrrrrry expensive Bentley and a less expensive Mercedes in the garage. We were in the pool room. Very big, but tacky decor, in the humble view of your pool.

She later wrote an apology:

    Your pool is informed that some readers took offense to the previous pool report’s description of the pool hold in Boca, which shall not be repeated here.

    Upon reflection, it seems an apology is in order to those who open their homes so that we might do our jobs. Please excuse your pool’s lack of graciousness. Good manners sometimes slip away after a tiring day.