Infographic: Which Streaming Services Are Winning the Battle for Millennial Eardrums?

Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more vie for awareness

When it comes to music, millennials like it new and they like it now. Numerous streaming and recommendation services have sprung up in response to younger consumers' auditory desires.

Five lead the market.

"Pandora has a dominant position, followed by Spotify," noted Ted Marzilli, CEO of research firm YouGov BrandIndex. "It leads its peers in brand awareness. It also leads the pack in both ad awareness and word of mouth, indicating that the brand is investing to support the service and that consumers are talking more about Pandora than any of its rivals."

Marzilli noted that among its peers, Pandora's main competition comes from Spotify, but other services are on millennials' radars and could strategically improve their standing.

"Perhaps the brands with the biggest challenge are iHeartRadio and iTunes Radio. They have reasonably high awareness levels, but do not seem to be getting traction with consumers. The conclusion is that these brands may need to try something different to generate excitement with consumers."

YouGov looked at several metrics for the top five music streaming services including their current market share among millennials, awareness, satisfaction and purchase consideration relative to their rivals. 

Infographic: Carlos Monteiro