Infographic: How Questions Are Being Answered on Twitter Every Day

Millions of people ask questions on social media in hopes of getting a crowdsourced response. Although there are sites like Quora that are specifically designed for Q&A, Twitter remains a popular choice for most to get their questions answered. inboxQ conducted a survey on the trend  of using social media ( twitter specifically) for asking questions. The result of the survey is presented in the Infographics embedded below.

According to Gail Umbridge of Honda Naperville

We answer more questions on Twitter every day than we do anywhere else. It’s an imperative tool for connecting with our customers.

Before we move to the Infographics, following is the summary of some of the interesting facts;

  • Most popular way is to ask question from the followers. People with more followers are more likely to ask question.
  • A variety of questions are asked from the followers. In April 2011, 30 million questions were asked. 13% of the questions were related to production recommendations, 12% related to tech support, 11% about local suggestions, 8% related to entertainment and so on.
  • Roughly 66% of the questions asked on twitter are commercially motivated
  • Most people like to receive answers directly from the businesses and around 80% of respondents trusts answers from the businesses.

With Twitter being such a popular Q&A medium it would be interesting to see if and when Twitter decides to focus more on the Q&A aspect of the site by introducing features, like Q&A archives, topic relevant Q&A and so on. Quora will surely have a competition of its life, if and when Twitter decides to walk this lane.