Infinite Realms Aims to Cater to Hardcore Gamer Crowd with Realistic Graphics and Strong Story

Infinite Realms is a Facebook strategy game from developer Joyport Inc. The game officially launched December 6, 2010, but in the words of game producer Waye Geng, it was “unstable and somewhat unsuccessful back then.” Since that time, the team worked to “fix” it and re-released the game on May 13 of this year. Geng says he’s pleased with the metrics so far, believing that traffic will pick up in earnest very soon.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, Infinite Realms currently has 51,394 monthly active users and 3,934 daily active users.

The game places players in the role of an outpost builder and army commander, tasking them with constructing the outpost’s facilities and conquering areas on a map by defeating enemies in order to obtain resources for building. Combat is similar to older Facebook strategy titles where player send an army unit to fight an enemy and receive an instant notification of victory or defeat. Players can affect the outcome of battles by selecting Hero leader characters for individual units; these characters gain experience points through combat to be spent on improving their combat statistics. If the player doesn’t assign a Hero to an outpost’s unit, that outpost can only defend against attacks from enemy units.

Also like those other strategy games, Infinite Realms aims to appeal to the hardcore gamer, mostly through its science fiction setting and sophisticated art style. Geng explains that Joyport wanted the game to feel like “next-generation” for Facebook games, which would go toward the goal of attracting hardcore players.

“When we first designed the game, the overall experience we wanted our players to have was ‘I am exploring an endless universe,'” he tells us. “So we designed all aspects of the game — the story, art style, music, gameplay and narrative — to reach that goal.”

Infinite Realms is monetized through its premium currency of “tokens,” which players can spend on special items and gameplay boosts. Geng says the game monetizes well with hardcore players willing to spend real money on Hero equipment and higher-end weapons. Tokens can be purchased using PayPal, credit card, mobile, bank transfer or pre-paid card. They can also be earned through the game’s offer wall. At present, the game does not feature Facebook Credit integration, which Geng says is due to lack of communication with Facebook.

“We currently don’t know how [implementing Facebook Credits] will affect our revenue and monetization,” reports Geng. “We want to publish the game in the Middle East and we’ve been having a hard time finding official instructions on the policies — and it seems to be hard to reach someone at Facebook to ask questions.”

Future plans for the game include the addition of new content and added depth. Additional planetary systems will be added to the game map, and the story will continue, with stronger “boss” opponents for players to face. The Infinite Realms team is focused entirely on the game at the moment, though Joyport has a few other unannounced projects in the works. The developer also tells us its actively seeking a publisher, asking that interested parties contact them directly.

You can follow Infinite Realms’ progress with AppData, our traffic tracking application for social games and developers.