‘Roving Cinema’ Series Hits New High With Die Hard

Peak Christmas movie scheduling.

There have been some memorable screenings hosted over the years by “Roving Cinema,” an Indy Film Fest series that presents old favorites in cool new settings. For example, Newsies, the 1992 musical about a New York City newspaper strike, was shown at the headquarters of the Indianapolis Star.

But perhaps nothing is as sweet as the idea of watching Die Hard atop Indiana’s tallest building. The Dec. 12 event sold out today and for 150 lucky patrons, it will be, this holiday season, a Christmas movie screening that is impossible to beat. From James Hibberd’s listing in Entertainment Weekly of the many Yuletide references to be savored in the 1988 Bruce Willis action classic:

5. Wait, John McClane’s wife’s name is freakin’ Holly. I never got that one before! Surprised their kids aren’t named Mistletoe and Poinsettia.

The screening will be held at the D’Amore event space, located on the 48th floor of the Chase Tower in Indianapolis. And when patrons alight at the top of Indiana’s tallest building for this event, festival executive director Craig Mince told the Star they will be encouraged to check their shoes at the door.

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Image courtesy: 21st Century Fox