Incest Desk: TWT Publishes D.C. Guardian Story on, Ironically, Reckless Spending

Now that John Solomon is back in command at The Washington Times as head of the digital operation, things are going to be run a little bit differently. For instance, on today’s TWT homepage the lead story could also be a story found on Solomon’s investigative journalism site, The Washington Guardian.

Today TWT has posted a story headlined, “Pentagon Sponsors Parade Float, football games, while facing budget cuts.” The story says it’s by Phillip Swarts and then the clincher, where he works: Washington Guardian. Sure, we get what they’re saying about the Pentagon spending their money like drunken sailors. Kind of of like TWT hiring a bunch of bloated suits and simultaneously laying off 25 employees.

While TWT has published Washington Guardian stories before, including on Page 1, stories by Guardian reporters tend to make garden variety TWTers nervous…Ever since Solomon came back into the building last year, TWT has been using stories for his other operation. Staff worries that the next round of budget cuts could move to using contractor writers from the Guardian for reporting content. In other words, a way to get ride of full-time salaries and expensive benefits packages.

We reached out to Solomon for comment, asking whether this whole thing is just a tad incestuous, as Solomon runs both The Guardian and now helps run TWT‘s digital operation.


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