Incest Desk: NYT’s Van Natta Calls Henry ‘Pathetic’

NYT Investigative Reporter Don Van Natta and author of Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Clinton is none too pleased with FNC’s Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry at the moment. (And it doesn’t look like they’re going to be best buds anytime soon.)

Earlier in the week, Henry created bad blood with the reporter by cracking on Van Natta’s 2007 book published by Hachette Digital, Inc. He wrote, “@edhenryTV You called my book ‘lame.’ Did you read it or just take Philippe’s word for it? And let’s cheer flacks’ great lines! Pathetic.” (Philippe Reines is the longtime flack of Sec. of State Clinton).

Henry had a classic non-apology apology for the reporter: “@DVNJr Sorry it was your book, but it was a good line. No reason for him to reward me — doubt he’s even on Twitter.”

Henry’s line that set off the sparks: “Christine O’Donnell endorsement of Mitt Romney reminds me of classic Philippe takedown of a lame Clinton book: ‘Can you quote me yawning?'”

Van Natta fired back, addressing the incestuous nature of reporting that Washington D.C. can sometimes be: “That ‘lame’ Clinton book was my book, sir.” And this: “Life as a DC hack: Cheer a flack’s ‘classic’ put-down of a fellow hack’s book because the flack can reward you. Right, @edhenryTV?”