Incest Desk: Newsbusters Gives Krauthammer a Kiss

The conservative media is so amusing sometimes. Every day the narrative is the same as it was yesterday — the liberal media this, the MSM that, the liberal media is in bed with the White House, the Congress and, of course, Alec Baldwin.

This is not to say they don’t sometimes make cogent, rational points. But what about when the conservative media ass kisses its own? What then? Is that also media bias or is that rationalized away as fair game for all the alleged sickening behavior of the MSM (or Lamestream Media as former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might put it)?

Today Newsbusters, an often smart, conservative-minded media website, has an interesting interview with syndicated righty columnist Charles Krauthammer. They even report news that some might not know — which is that the NYT once offered him a column and he turned it down to stay put at WaPo.

But where they lose me is in the first two lines of the story: “One of NewsBusters’ favorite conservative commentators is Charles Krauthammer. We had the privilege of sitting down with him at last month’s Republican National Convention to discuss amongst other things our favorite topic – liberal media bias.”

What’s astonishing is their inability to recognize their own media bias within a discussion on media bias — how meta. Do we need to know Newsbusters plays favorites? Why plant a giant kiss on Krauthammer’s lips at the onset of the interview? One gets the sense that the news outlet is mighty proud to have landed the interview with King Krauthammer.

Let’s move on to media bias. “It hasn’t changed,” Krauthammer says, quickly moving into lengthy incestuous answer in which he smooches his own employer, WaPo. “I think the editorial page of the Washington Post is the best in the country,” he tells Newsbusters. Oh really, Sour-Kraut? Do tell. “I think it’s the best editorial page around,” he continues. “It’s quite balanced.” How nice. We’ve never heard this “fair and balanced” phrasing before. But especially nice is this: “Nobody’s ever edited a word I’ve written (for content) in 26 years. Ever. Except once.” In that instance, he used the word “gay” to mean happy. The love affair just gets deeper and deeper.

Finally in the last sentence of his answer, he finally stops ass kissing WaPo long enough to sort of answer the question and declares that “the Times, newspapers, the networks, NPR, PBS, you go down the line, CNN, MSNBC of course” are all “uniformly liberal.” He goes on to cite a CNN documentary of the Cold War as a prime example of liberal bias.

Later in the interview, Newsbusters staff, the byline for the interview, compliments Krauthammer for his appearances on Inside Washington, saying, “Well, it’s also tag-team wrestling and you’re normally winning.” They conclude the interview with a neck massage: “Thanks, Charles. Keep up the good fight.”

Here’s a thought, Newsbusters. How about just interview Krauthammer, report some news and whatever entertaining and informative things he might say and leave your make out session to off hours.