Incest Desk: Politico’s Mike Allen Gives Joan VandeHei Star Treatment on her Birthday

How many birthday wishes does it take to wish your boss’s mother a happy birthday? In Politico Mike Allen’s case, that number would be: 5.

Last Thursday he gave his first heads up that the birthday of Joan VandeHei, mother Johnny, Jim and Julie was on the horizon. On Friday he again alerted the masses that her birthday was Monday. On Saturday: a third warning that her birthday was a mere 24 hours away. Early this morning he gave her a shout-out on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and in this morning’s Playbook? Yup, that’s right. A FIFTH mention. “Joan VandeHei – mom of Johnny, Jim, Julie; wife of John – is 7-0 …” he wrote.

Considering that Allen quotes Executive Editor Jim VandHei like he’s Shakespeare (“Jim VandeHei says it takes at least six hours of sleep to be happy, healthy, and wise,” he has said on multiple occasions) and that Jim’s kids call Mike “Uncle Mikey,” the Cleopatra treatment for Joan is to be expected.

Congratulations to Joan on her 70th birthday!

Incest Desk rating: 9.5.