23 Ridiculous Inception Tweets [Slideshow]

People are going crazy coming up with theories and jokes about Inception. The movie leaves people talking about it for days afterwards (I know I was) and the theories about dreams within a dream and the nature of the movie’s reality are abounding. For me, I love observing the flow of conversation after something as exciting as this movie, and what better place to watch than Twitter? Inception has been one of the top trending topics for weeks and I combed through to find 23 funny, surprising and insightful reactions to the movie. Check them out below!

Oh, if you’ve been asleep for the last few weeks, you may not already know what Inception is. It’s Christopher Nolan’s (Memento, The Dark Knight) latest dream movie and it has amassed over $500 million and is receiving rave reviews around the industry. In fact, even if you were sleeping you still might have heard of it, as the movie portends the ability for dream-walkers to implant messages into other people’s heads using technology.

The full slideshow is below, click the arrows in the top right to navigate to the next images! Enjoy 🙂

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