In Touch Editor Was Making How Much?

In Touch Editor-in-Chief Richard Spencer quit his job on Monday without warning, while the magazine was scrambling to get the new issue to print. If that isn’t reason enough for his former co-workers to hate him, the guy was making an annual salary of $750,000. And it’s rumored Spencer left in a huff because he wanted more money. From Keith Kelly of the New York Post:

Signs point to a monumental blow-up between Spencer and Hubert Boehle, CEO of In Touch owner Bauer Publishing — possibly over Spencer’s demands for a boost in the $750,000-a-year compensation package he was said to be pulling down.

Kelly also notes that Spencer was behind hyping the magazine’s cover story on recently deceased actress Brittany Murphy as her “last interview.” But in reality, the quotes from Murphy were culled entirely from “a few hurried answers to questions fired at her at a red carpet event shortly before she died.”