In The Trades



Kiss has launched a comic book company. The first title, Kiss 4K, will debut at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles in March. The second title is expected to be Kiss Girls, which features four teenagers who

talk about shopping and are about as dysfunctional as anyone until something happens to them and they get to wear the Kiss makeup and look good doing it.

That’s a super-feat right there.

Former business opponents, Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun have formed a new multimedia production company, BermanBraun, a TV-focused production company with strong film and Internet components. But since Grey and Bob Iger don’t get along, and Berman is unlikely to make deals with Brad Grey and Paramount, look for this shop to end up at FOX, NBC-Uni or CBS.

Hollywod Reporter

ABC has cast Donny Osmond to host its newest reality series, The Great American Dream Vote. Eight deserving victims plead with audience to make their dream come true. Winner gets dream–loser gets Mormon underwear.

Ray Richmond doubts the efficacy of rehab for Isaiah Washington. Silly man, look what it’s done for Lindsay Lohan!