In the ‘Public Eye’

In the first such effort by a major broadcast network, CBS today launched its “Public Eye” blog, hoping to bring some insider perspective to the news process and make the network appear more transparent, less scary, and less, um, political.

The blog will be written by a team of three reporters/researchers/nonbudsmen: Contributing in D.C. will be head honcho Vaughn Ververs, formerly of Hotline, and Hillary Profita, formerly of ABC’s “Nightline.” Brian Montopoli will contribute from New York, where he formerly wrote for the Columbia Journalism Review.

In its first day, the blog is taking readers inside the network’s main editorial meeting: “Public Eye took its camera into CBS News’ editorial meeting earlier this morning. Inside CBS, it’s simply called ‘the 10:30’ and it’s usually the major editorial meeting of the day. Executive producers or senior producers from various shows, news executives and news desk managers go through the day’s news, order of battle and future coverage. We’ll explain the deal later. But, you wanted transparency? You’re going to get it. Big time.”

One question here: With Fox’s many blogs, CBS launching the Public Eye, and NBC’s Brian Williams taking viewers into the production process each day with his “Daily Nightly” blog, what will ABC and CNN do? CNN is so far behind that it doesn’t even have a blog for its “Inside the Blogs” segment and ABC was once a leader with its daily Nightline emails, but seems to be quickly falling behind…