In the Land of Toilets and Sinks

This writer just got back from about the best weekend ever. If you’re ever even vaguely close to Wisconsin, or finally succumb to your burning desire to be just outside Sheboygan, make sure you take a few days to stay at The American Club in the Village of Kohler. The resort, originally a boarding house for employees, was designed by the famous Olmsted Brothers firm in Boston, who were the group behind little projects like Central Park, Harvard’s campus, and the White House’s grounds. We were in a building separate from the main facillity, but equally as gorgeous and historically-full: the Carriage House, wherein it’s spas galore. And thus, if you’d stopped by, you’d likely find this writer in a robe and sandals, usually a little tipsy. But the random weekend of decadence is not what we’re here to discuss (unless you readers write in to Mediabistro, in force, and demand that he be sent to places like this on a regular basis), so we managed to get some design in there to ice the cake. Next door to the resort is the Kohler Design Center, which is both a museum about the history of the company, and a kind of super cool showroom with all of the stuff you’d love to have in your home to replace your “washin’ bucket” and filthy sponges. Here’s loads of great galleries from the third floor’s Design Rooms, in which dozens of famous interior designers created their own Kohler-centric rooms. And to add to all that, we took a billion photos, and they need to be somewhere, so without further ado, here’s some of the cooler product designs we saw, with more to follow in a later post:

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