In the Front Row on the Frere-Jones Type Tour


You’ll recall the other day we told, nay, demanded that if you were in New York, you had to go on Tobias Frere-JonesAIGA NY walking typography tour. We’re not sure how many of you listened, but we’ll be keeping a sharp eye out for you in Michael Surtees‘ terrific coverage of the event (with lots of photos, too!). In it, he tries to keep up with all the info pouring out of Frere-Jones and, to his own admission, he admits he couldn’t remember everything that was said, there’s still a lot of great tidbits here (and did we mention the photos?). Here’s from the intro:

Where do you begin when you’re one of only twenty three people that gets to walk around New York with Tobias Frere-Jones hearing about his observations on type and how it influenced the great typeface Gotham? I know of one individual on the walking tour that had a hard time sleeping the night before b/c she was that excited – I’m sure she wasn’t the only one. On Hoefler & Frere-Jones’s Blog, there’s a Google Earth map of the entire route. I think it ended up being about three and a half hours of type bliss.