In Stitches

1584795344.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_V53168654_.jpgFor anyone who has wondered what Tracey Ullman has been doing chatting up Santa Monica yarn store owner, Mel Clark these past several months, the riddle has been solved! Seems in her spare time, Tracy Takes On . . . knitting.

And the reason you’ve had to cool your heals with your precious cashmere blend in your hand for a few extra minutes at the cash register is because Ullman’s been collaborating with Wildfiber’s Clark on a book, Knit 2 Together.

Yeah, yeah, celeb knitters are so three-years ago, we know. But this book, which is scheduled to hit the shelves in October, promises a pattern to a “saucy apron,” and who couldn’t use a saucy apron?