In Other CQ Roll Call News…

Tough as it is to top a toilet flushing memo, in way less exciting news over at CQ Roll Call today, they’re announcing staff moves. In the meantime, would this be an appropriate time to request more toilet flushing tips?

The moves involve Anne Hoy, who takes over as executive editor for CQ news and Randy Wynn, who’s getting a new fancy title as chief news editor. Other team moves include Alan Ota and David Harrison to the economics team as well as John Gramlich, who is switching teams (so to speak) but will still cover legal affairs.

See the memo from Editorial Director Susan Benkelman…

To the news staff:

I’m happy to announce that Anne Hoy will take over as executive editor for CQ news, effective immediately. Anne is well positioned to do this job, given the myriad roles she has played in this newsroom over the past several years. Anne has shown that she is particularly attuned to the challenges of a new era, which require us to think anew about the way we present news on and to develop new products that work alongside our existing ones. She was instrumental in helping develop the concept for, and hiring for, our excellent Executive Briefing products, an experience that will help her in the future as she’ll be working with myself and Meg Hargreaves on new products and initiatives. Anne has been a leader in our newsroom since returning to CQ in 2004. She has overseen specialty publications as well as leadership news since 2009.

Anne will run the department and be responsible for the overall output of CQ news. But with the whole newsroom working together to produce, Roll Call,, and the CQ Weekly, we’ll need someone in the center of it all to direct traffic. And there is no one better at that thanRandy Wynn, whose title is changing to chief news editor. Randy will oversee the policy domains on a day-to-day operational level and will serve as a bridge between the policy teams and Roll Call editors, ensuring that we’re all working together and helping to sort out priorities. Randy, as many of you know, runs the daily news meeting each morning and makes sure we’re covering all the bases.

With Anne’s move, Alan Ota will report to the econ team, under Paul Page. But he’ll still do what Alan does best, digging out developments and providing scoops of the day, which will be crucial during the fiscal cliff negotiations. Also moving to the econ team is David Harrison, who will cover economic trends and writing big-picture stories about fiscal issues, a job he’s preparing for by recently earning a master’s in public policy from GWU, where his studies focused on budget and taxes. John Gramlich, who’s also reported to Anne, will move to Jill Smallen’s team. He’ll still cover legal affairs but he’ll add the important immigration beat to his portfolio.

Please join me in congratulating these folks on their moves.