In New DreamWorks, Adam Goodman Will Stay At Paramount

In the new DreamWorks configuration relying on India’s Reliance money, the former head of production, Adam Goodman , will be staying on at Paramount to help oversee as many as 40 potential DreamWorks/Paramount joint ventures, Variety says.

Much of the DreamWorks staff will be leaving the Paramount stable with principals Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider.

Goodman won’t be assigned a title of President of Production, but he will have some arbitrary executive title. Not clear whether he’ll still be handling any specific DreamWorks product.

Brad Weston will continue as Paramount’s President of Production. Paramount, if interested, will retain control over nearly 200 DreamWorks projects.

Gotta love DreamWorks and its ability to keep on truckin’. Most largely attribute this to the 900-pound Gorilla status that Spielberg maintains and Paramount’s fervent desire to be a part of the Spielbergian universe, which includes the wildly successful “Transformers” franchise.

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