In Memoriam: Liz Donovan

From the Miami Herald:

    As a young news researcher at The Washington Post, Elisabeth Lacey “Liz” Donovan helped Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein cover the Watergate scandal — and take down a president.

    As a veteran at The Miami Herald, Donovan helped lead the transition to computer-based research. A pioneering Internet user — yet eternal flower child — she enabled Herald writers to produce work that won Pulitzer Prizes.

    Said humorist Dave Barry: ‘I went to her with many strange requests, and they never fazed her. I’d ask her something like, ‘Are there any politicians whose last name is Doody?’ And she’d say, ‘Do you want federal, state or both?'”

    Donovan, 63, died of lung cancer Tuesday at a Gainesville, Ga., hospital.