In Defense of Bloomberg’s Heckling Hans

National Journal White House Correspondent George Condon took issue with our writeup of Bloomberg‘s Hans Nichols shouting out a question to President Obama at the close of Wednesday’s White House press conference. We said Hans had pulled a Neil Munro, reminiscent of The Daily Caller‘s startling moment in the Rose Garden back in June. No doubt Nichols came off friendlier than Munro did, which we noted.

At the time, White House reporters, among many others, were outraged with Munro. But on Wednesday colleagues patted Hans on the back.

Read what Condon wrote into FishbowlDC…


“I’ve got to come to the defense of Hans Nichols. There is absolutely no comparison between what he did today and what Neil Munro did in the Rose Garden. I have covered six White Houses and before Munro had never seen any reporter shout out an interruption of a president while he was giving a speech. But it is both routine and normal, if not expected, for reporters to try to squeeze in another question at a press conference or to shout out a question as a president is leaving an event. I have done that; we all have done that. The president has every right not to answer a shouted question but I doubt very much that he was in any way shocked that Hans tried to get him to answer one more question.”