In Buffalor, Richard Meier Talks Richard Meier for Your Listening Pleasure

It’s a Friday morning, so that likely means your day is already shot, as you daydream about the upcoming first real spring weekend we’ve had in quite awhile (everywhere but here in Chicago, where the forecast is 35 degrees and snowing for the next week). But in the interest of salvaging a bit of your day, we kick things off with this bit of inspiration. Starchitect Richard Meier gave a speech in Buffalo, New York this week, which we guess makes perfect sense, given that everyone of late seems to find that city either a) the bee’s knees (like Nicolai Ourousoff) or b) a terribly depressing place (like “the media”). His lecture was entitled, “Notes on Architecture,” and was just that, finding Meier talking about “personal narratives on a lifetime of projects.” While there’s nothing particularly unique about a famous architect showing up to talk about himself and his work, here you actually get the benefit of listening to the whole presentation, recorded as a podcast for And if hearing to Richard Meier for an hour doesn’t get you going this early in the morning, well then, you’re already too far gone and should just take the rest of the day off.