In-App Purchasing Feature Rescues Flower Garden iPhone App From Wilting Away

I was one of the many bloggers/reviewers that Noel Llopis seeded (pun intended) with an eval copy of Flower Garden back in mid-2009. I thought the app was entertaining but needed something extra that would make it more worthwhile to return to again and again.

Flower Garden (free version (iTunes App Store)

The daily profit graphic in Noel’s recent blog post…

Making A Living (Barely) On The iPhone App Store (aka The Numbers Post)

…seems to reflect this feeling in overall sales. It started out with a nice little peak and then flattened out for many months. He reports that the app generated about $21,500 over the first 10 months of sales.

However, the addition of an in-app store (Flower Shop) on December 6, 2009 revved up profits to unexpected levels (in a very good sense). I’ve considered the in-app purchase feature a good idea since hearing Apple announce it as part of iPhone OS 3.0 last year. This Flower Garden case study seems to support this.

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