In a Strange Coincidence, 3D Print Turns Out To Be All-Too Real

On Tuesday, we posted about writer Ben Greenman‘s very funny McSweeney‘s piece wherein he explained his solution for how to save print: 3D. Wearing special glasses, the words popping off the page to push emphasis, it’s clearly an absurd, totally ridiculous concept, right? Not so quick. Just hours before Greenman’s piece was published, the Belgian newspaper Derniere Heure released the fruits of two months of their labor: a special 3D edition (“complete with viewing glasses” says the BBC). Although only the ads were transformed to leap at the reader (and reportedly didn’t often work all that well) and it’s only a one-off edition, what odd timing shared between humor and reality. Greenman swears it’s all coincidence and that his piece had begun making the rounds as a submission since early February (so maybe it was the Belgians who copied him?!). If you speak French or can stumble your way through the interface, the whole 3D issue is available here.