In 2011 Mila Kunis Moved Magazines, Justin Bieber Did Not

If you’re into big names, WWD has a great roundup of the best (and worst) selling magazine covers featuring celebrities this year. While some celebrities made for an up and down impact — Kim Kardashian, for one — others meant great (0r terrible) numbers for titles.

Mila Kunis was the big winner of the year. If a magazine had her on the front, people were buying it. Her GQ cover was the title’s best-seller, but there was more:

She took to W in March and delivered sales 15 percent above average for the fashion monthly. She was the February cover star of Cosmopolitan and brought in 1.7 million sales, which is nearly 10 percent better than the monthly’s average for the first half. And then she graced the cover of Elle in August in a portrait with Justin Timberlake, which brought in 250,000 sales, fourth best of the year for Elle.

We get the Kunis thing. She’s smart, funny, successful and well, someday your FishbowlNY editors hope to have hair that fabulous.

On the flip side, Justin Bieber didn’t help magazines at all. In fact, if he was your cover boy, you were in trouble. His pretty face killed Vanity Fair — the Bieber February cover was its third worst selling issue since 1992. He also hurt Rolling Stone’s sales when he graced the magazine’s front in March.

We’d suggest that this means people are tiring of the golden child, but we don’t want to answer to an angry mob of 12-year-old girls. Trust us, hell hath no fury like a tween scorned.