Improvised Songs ‘Sex Dolphin’ and ‘Italian Hero Sandwich of Love’ Prove R. Kelly is a Powerhouse Brand

You know you’ve been a staple of the R&B scene long enough to call yourself a bonafide brand when you can improvise slow jams about inanimate objects and aquatic mammals, and people not only want to hear them, but buy them (and maybe even use them as a potentially successful method of seduction).

Earlier this week, Rolling Stone decided to test R. Kelly‘s improv skills by asking him to instantly turn a few random phrases like “Sex Dolphin” and “Italian Hero Sandwich of Love” into seductive hits. The results were spectacularly amusing (and undeniably smooth).

“I know how to put it into a melody and make it comical, but sexual at the same time,” the singer-songwriter told Rolling Stone. “With my gift, I can pretty much write a song out of anything.”

Humility? No. Undeniable talent and staying-power? Yes.

The artist did, however, admit something was missing from his on-the-spot jam session. “If I had a track, if I was in the studio, man, I’d blow your mind with it.”

Now, Canadian DJ ANGO has turned Kelly’s improvisations into the full-length baby-making songs they were meant to be.  Listen below. If you weren’t sure what music to play over that candle-lit romantic dinner tonight, you’re welcome.