Improv Everywhere Pulls Its Most Artistic Stunt Yet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Years ago, at a job this writer was stuck in for a brief-but-endless five months, one of his co-workers kept postcards on his desk of famous paintings that he felt looked like his wife. While we strongly disliked him, we had to admit that it was a clever idea and she really did look like she was straight out of 15th century royalty. That thrilling anecdote leads nicely into the latest stunt by the popular YouTube-favorite, Improv Everywhere, who played their latest bit of on-location improv at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They found an actor who looks remarkably similar to King Philip IV of Spain, whom Diego Velazquez painted roughly 400 years ago. Done up in full wardrobe, they brought the King in to sign autographs in front of his famous portrait. The results are short, sweet, and terrific: