iFixit Does it Again: HTC Nexus One Disassembled (FM radio noted)

Photo courtesy of iFixit.com

There is no way I am going to disassemble my Nexus One Android-phone. But, the folks at iFixit.com have not such reseverations. Here’s what they found…

Nexus One Teardown

Well, actually iFixit didn’t note any surprises except that their teardown process may be irreversible.

There were a couple of interesting pieces of information in the reader comments section though.

– The AKM AK8973 chip noted in the teardown is an electronic compass chip
– There’s a couple of commenters wondering if the Nexus One trackball will get dirty and gross after signficant use. Apparently this is a problem for the BlackBerry trackball. Any comments from G1 owners?
– The Broadcom BCM4329 includes both an FM radio receiver and transmitter. It would be nice if HTC enabled it for FM transmission so it could be used to play audio through car radio systems