iFixit Disassembled the iPhone 3G S

Photo courtesy of iFixit.com

The folks at iFixit flew to London to buy an iPhone 3G S as soon as possible, tore it apart and documented the process at…

iPhone 3G S Teardown

Here’s a couple of things they found that I found interesting…

– 1219 mAh battery. 6% larger than iPhone 3G’s but supposedly delivering 50% better battery life according to Apple
– Unknown antenna connection near dock connector
– iFixit found that the Google Earth app ran 4.5 times faster on the 3G S compared to the 3G

You can find a YouTube video playlist of the 3G S tear down process recorded using another 3G at…

iFixit.com – the iPhone 3G S teardown at Macworld UK

If schedules work out, I’ll be speaking with someone from iFixit soon and we’ll talk in more detail about what they found in the iPhone 3G S.