If the Android App Count Hits 150K in 2010, Will Anyone Be Able to Actually Discover Interesting Apps?

BusinessWeek/Bloomberg speculates that…

Google Applications May Reach 150,000 in 2010 Amid Apple Chase

This may very well come to pass. But, the problem is that these apps will be nearly impossible to discover because of Google’s nearly inaccessible Android Market. The Market app available on all Droid devices is simply no conducive to app discovery (finding something interesting but just looking around). The Android Market web site is simply useless. Of the current estimated 16,000 Android apps, it lists a grand total of 202 (34 featured apps, 34 paid apps, and 134 free apps – what is it with the number “34” in the Market?).

Let’s hope something like Mplayit Android Arcade (on Facebook, yuck) turns into an Android app discovery tool as the Android app count heads towards 100K.