If She Can Illustrate A Grammar Book She Can Do Anything, We’re Guessing


You ever seen Elements of Style? You ever seen Elements of Style…Illustrated???

Turns out that someone has managed to take Strunk and White’s oh-so-classic Elements of Style and drawn some pictures and made it all make coherent sense. That someone is Maira Kalman. And apparently we shouldn’t be as surprised as we were. From the Times,

Ms. Kalman, an artist, children’s book author, designer and illustrator whose credits include the popular “Newyorkistan” cover of The New Yorker, says she had never used Strunk and White as a student but discovered it only four years ago at a yard sale and was immediately struck by its vividness and charm. “Each sentence was so full of incredible visual reference,” she recently recalled. “I said to myself, how could anyone not have illustrated this before?”

But it doesn’t stop there. And we’re not sure where–or if–it’s going to stop, but tonight we’re going to the opera based on the book. This is all way too much for our addled reality but get psyched. We’ll be paying attention. For you.