If Joe Curl, Dana Milbank and Mike Allen Were In A Street Fight, Who Would Win?

TWT political correspondent Joe Curl took your questions in an online chat today and here’s a real gem:

If you, Dana Milbank and Mike Allen were in a street fight, who would win? by Washington, D.C.
Answer: I get this question a lot. Milbank writes the Washington Sketch column for The Washington Post. He is the embodiment of Soren Kierkegaard, a small, funny but brooding little man who oozes snark (although I don’t know if Dana is a critic of Hegelianism or if he has ever written under the pen name Hilarius Bookbinder, as the little pained Dane did). Allen, as everyone no doubt knows, is a Politico reporter who sleeps 12 minutes a day and knows everything about everybody in Washington. If the street fight were a smackdown, Milbank would win. And Allen would likely win any other brawl because he would simply never, ever stop — the guy is tenacious. But under Ultimate Fighting Championship rules, I would definitely win because I know how to do a rear naked choke and a flying scissor heel hook (that’s the way I took down Eleanor Clift after a joint appearance on Fox).