If It's Summer, It Must be the iPod-touch-is-going-to-get-a-Camera Rumor Time Again!

If you weren’t sure, let me assure you that summer is in full swing. I know this is true because it is time for the second annual “the next iPod touch is getting a camera” rumor time. I thought this was a great idea last year. And, I still think giving the iPod touch a camera like its slightly older sibling, the iPhone, is a great idea.
Next-Generation iPod Touch Parts Reveal Hole for Front-Facing Camera?
The twist-and-a-half in this year’s rumor is that the camera is front-facing one to permit FaceTime video calls. This would require modifying how FaceTime works since it currently appears to need to issue a text message to setup the very first (and only the first) FaceTime video call. Subsequent calls can be made with just WiFi turned on. So, FaceTime doesn’t appear to need a voice network to make video calls after the initial setup.
A rear-facing cameras (last year’s rumor) would be extremely welcome too (again). And, while we are on the rumor wagon, I believe it is 100% certain that the 4th generation iPod touch will have a high resolution Retina Display like the iPhone 4.
I wonder when we will start seeing Zune HD “2” rumors?