TwooglePlus Automatically Cross Posts your Tweets to Google+

Twitter has definitely shaken off its growing pains in the last few years.  We all have the friend who was a staunch critic of Twitter when it first got popular – “How can you say anything meaningful in 140 charaters” – who has now taken to it because it’s a fantastic way to follow people you admire.  A big question is whether Google+ is going to follow a similar route, because these days one of the big questions about Google+ is “Why would I post on that network when I already share on Twitter?”

Well, maybe this mashup will make it an easier process to share with people on both Twitter and Google+ at the same time.  Enter TwooglePlus.

TwooglePlus “watches your Twitter account 24 hours a day and cross-posts your Tweets to your Google Plus circles.”  Not too complicated — you post on Twitter and it cross-posts your post to Google+.  I use this kind of tool to cross post my Twitter posts to Facebook and I find it pretty effective and fun.  At this point, the service is still in beta, but you have all sorts of options including choosing which circles to post your Tweets into and whether to shorten your links or not.

Check out the service at their page.  I will issue one warning that they ask you to connect using Twitter at, but they specifically for your Google username and password.  That means they will have access to that information — it doesn’t go through Google.  Use at your own risk!


Read more about some of the features here.