IF: As More Asian Developers Build for Facebook, Regional Usage Patterns Change

[Editor’s note: Earlier this week, we took a closer look at how games are affecting how people use Facebook, especially in Asia.]

We have written in recent months of Facebook’s growth in Southeast Asia. As we near the beginning of 2010, that trend does not appear to be slowing down. Throughout much of the region (except in China, of course, where Facebook is blocked), usage continues to rise. Some countries have seen incredible growth – Taiwan, for example, has added 5 million new monthly active Facebook users in the last 6 months alone – nearly 25% of the country’s total population.

What’s driving this growth? Increasingly, we’re seeing more users adopt Facebook in order to – you guessed it – play games. But not just any games – in many cases, games built by the growing number of Asian developers and publishers deploying titles on the Facebook Platform.

Taiwan is an interesting case study….

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