ID’s Dubious Honoree

ID's Dubious Honoree

I.D. Magazine’s recent Interactive Media Design Review awarded illustrator Brian Cronin‘s site a Bronze award, ostensibly for “site navigation that functioned smoothly and unfolded logically.” Thing is, in spite of trying to pursue both the “Inter-Active” and “Auto-Active” (buh?) paths, I can’t figure out how to navigate it. I’ve been looking at web sites for a long, long time and I have to assume that if I can’t figure it out, other people are probably having trouble as well. Could it be that I am using Safari on a Mac? It didn’t work in Firefox either. Regardless, it shouldn’t take so much effort to look at someone’s work online. It’s too bad too, because I think his work is stellar. Adding to my aggravation: the all-Flash interface forced me to go elsewhere via a Google image search to find an example of his work to post here.