iDog! (Woof.)

iDog! (Woof.)

idog.jpgHow much do I adore this ingenious little “Music Entertainment Pet”? A lot. This is not only because I am slightly grouchy about having to dash home from a friend’s place late last night to tend to my own real live dog. (Living dogs: big responsibility.)

Those designboom people find the coolest things. Their description of the iDog:

one of the latest incarnations is Sega Toy’s mini robot pet named the ‘iDog’. the new high-tech toy can compose, play and enjoy music along with its owner. Seven LEDs on the face express emotion, while an audio jack under the right hind leg let’s you plug in your ipod.

It’s expected to go on sale in the US March/April of this year (soon!) and will retail for about $40. (That’s about what I spend per month on dog food.) It’ll be distributed by Hasbro. I found more iDog information at OnRobo.

Now I’m intrigued – if you know of other iPod inspired designs (I know there are lots) please email pointers to jen AT unbeige DOT com.