The ideal journalism job is a mix of passion, innovation

Most journalists take a vow of relative poverty when they first enter the field with the unspoken understanding that they will, in exchange, perform a great service to mankind by reporting the news that shapes the world. I knew I was giving a little bit of that up when I took a position as an entertainment journalist, but I relished the opportunity for creative freedom — plus, I love all things pop culture.

I’ve found that my current position and my previous work at the Los Angeles Times are at opposite ends of the multimedia production spectrum: On one hand, at the Times I was producing stories that had a very long-lasting impact in the lives of millions, but I was restricted in the creativity of the projects I could produce. On the other hand, at EW I have full autonomy in whatever project I want to create, but the projects, which themselves are becoming formulaic, are just a passing curiosity with no real long-term impact.

My ideal journalism job would be a mix of the two, infusing both creativity and innovation into big picture news stories. Additionally, my ideal job would incorporate my passion for sharing new media skills with others.

10,000 Words has served as a supplement to my day job and is an outlet for me to share the things that I am interested in with other like-minded journalists and web enthusiasts. I am passionate about the work I am currently producing, but my ideal job should be like this blog, an opportunity for me to create innovative content that is both useful and timeless.

This post is a part of the TNTJ topic of the month: “What would your ideal journalism job be and why?”