LA Food Bloggers Pledge Their Potato Love

Today, in 100 newspapers across the U.S., readers are catching sight of the Valentine’s Day wink pictured at-right.

Per a report on, the advertisement was conceived by Idaho Potato Commission staffer Don Odiorne and showcases the personal potato recipe picks of five LA food bloggers: Nancy Buchanan (A Communal Table), Patti Londre (Worth the Whisk), Ericka Sanchez (Nibbles and Feasts), Erika Penzer Kerekes (In Erika’s Kitchem) and Valentina Kenney (Cooking on the Weekends). From the article:

Mr. Odiorne told The Produce News that the featured bloggers were among 45 Los Angeles-area food bloggers he met last year at an event the commission had been invited to participate in called Camp Blogaway, organized by Londre.

Another LA blogger, Sara O’Donnell (Average Betty), has produced a series of YouTube videos for Odiorne. For those interested, the 2012 edition of Camp Blogaway is scheduled for May 4-6 in SoCal, with the commission on board as one of the sponsors.