Icsid Turns 50, Buys Corvette


Dexigner has a nice feature up today about the 50th anniversary of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design. Really interesting, even if you aren’t in the field. We didn’t really know much about the Icsid, so we had no idea what kind of effect they’ve had on the industry, but hey, that’s why you read, right? To learn stuff? Hello? Where is everyone today? Here’s a bit:

50 years after being founded, Icsid now counts over 150 member organisations in more than 50 countries, representing an estimated 150,000 designers from educational institutions, promotional and professional organisations, as well as consulting practises and corporations. Amongst the thousands of design organisations around the world, Icsid is still unique in bringing together a truly international range of design voices, which gives a broad perspective to each one of our projects. By facilitating international collaboration, Icsid represents the multi-faceted nature of design today and utilises the resources of its members to improve the world in which we live — hence our guiding principle: Global solidarity and design for a better quality of life around the world.