iCloud Backup Failed: Quick iOS 5 Fix

If you (like this eBookNewser editor) could not sync your iOS mobile device to Apple’s new iCloud last night, we found a quick fix. Follow these three steps…

1. If you are receiving the “iCloud Backup Failed, Try Again Later” message after installing iOS 5, try plugging your device back into your computer.

2. In iTunes, click on your device. Scroll down under the “Summary” tab.

3. Manually switch the “Backup” setting to “Back up to iCloud” setting. That should connect your device to the server.

International Business Times has more advice for getting past error messages. The Apple servers have been slammed by all the new cloud traffice, so many users have found interesting solutions to error messages.

An excerpt: “Turn iCloud “off” to avoid troublesome loop and begin using iOS 5: Daniel Nations of About.com said that users get stuck in a ‘loop’ when selecting the Try Again option. Instead, to escape the problem, you can simply choose the option of canceling the iCloud backup. You can turn the iCloud off and attempt to turn it on again under the settings control ‘iCloud.’ The iCloud is not needed to run iOS 5. If you turn the iCloud off for the time being, you can begin using the system and reattempt backup at a less congested time.”